About TAMKO Building Products, Inc.



Founded in 1944, TAMKO Building Products is a leading manufacturer of residential and commercial roofing products. The family-owned and operated manufacturing company was founded by E.L. Craig more than 70 years ago in a small streetcar barn in Joplin, Missouri. Since then, TAMKO has grown immensely to include offices and manufacturing plants across the country. The business’ product line has also grown from its first product of asphalt shingles to include steel shingles, composite decking and railing, waterproofing, and cements and coatings.

E.L. Craig launched the company with the help of his wife, Mary Ethel. Six months after its founding, TAMKO changed its name to TAMKO to represent the states the couple anticipated as their sales territory: Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. E.L. led the company until 1954. Due to E.L.’s declining health, the couple’s daughter, Ethelmae, directed TAMKO’s operations during the 1950s. She continues as the company’s Chairman today.

In 1960, after E.L. Craig’s death, Ethelmae’s husband, Jay Humphreys, assumed leadership of TAMKO. Under his leadership, the bulk of the company’s geographic expansion took place. He served as president of TAMKO until his passing in 1993. In 1994, his eldest son, David Humphreys, took over the family business. Under David’s leadership, the company has continued to expand at a rapid pace.

To learn more about TAMKO Building Products, visit www.tamko.com.


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