TAMKO Adds ‘Envision Expression’ to Its Composite Lumber Product Line

TAMKO Building Products, one of the country’s leading privately-owned manufacturers of residential and commercial building products, is proud to announce the addition of “Envision Expression” composite lumber to its Envision product line. The Envision line consists of composite capped decking boards, and the new solid-color board offering is available for purchase now and will be shipped beginning January 2017.

Envision Expression is being released to complement TAMKO’s current offering of variegated boards with a bold color variation. These bold, multi-colored boards have been renamed “Envision Distinction.” The new Envision Expression boards will be available in four colors, including three hues of brown and a gray.

The decision to add the solid-color boards came after TAMKO Building Products gathered feedback from more than 300 customers, including dealers, distributors, and contractors. Listening to the voice of its customers, TAMKO has added Envision Expression to better satisfy the needs of its composite lumber customers.

Envision Expression was shown publically for the first time at the 2016 Remodeling|DeckExpo|JLC Live Show in Baltimore, Maryland. To learn more about TAMKO Building Product’s Envision composite lumber offerings, please visit www.tamko.com.

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